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Working group windmill parks

Today, May 12th, a meeting of the working group windmill parks took place in Ostend. This working group was erected in 2008 under the coast guard structure's patronage and meets regulary. The working group was founded because it was not always easy for wind mill operators to find their way in the tangle of governmental authorities. It is also a means for the coast guard partners to keep each other informed of new developments and to balance their advice and/or directives.

One of the topics of today's meeting was the research into the creation of a Modular Offshore Grid (MOD). Until now, all North Sea wind farms are connected individually to the onshore grid. With the creation of a modular offshore grid or ‘power socket’, wind farms will be connected to a high-voltage substation located on an offshore platform, which will, in turn, be connected to the onshore grid.