The coast guard keeps an eye on the sea

Coast guard

Secretary of state for the North Sea attends anti-oilpollution demonstration

June 1st, a demonstration of a dispersant unit and a sweep-arm system for combating oil pollution took place in the presence of Philippe De Backer, the new secretary of state for the North Sea. Dispersants are chemical products, more in particular detergents that are specifically used for combating oil at sea.

Before starting the demonstration, the secretary of state and his companions headed for the Flinterstar wreck site to witness the salvage works.

Several coast guard partners took part: Directorate - General Environment was responsible for the coordination, Civil Protection delivered the equipment, Fleet deployed the multifunctional buoy-laying vessel Zeetijger and the ministry of Defence deployed the patrol vessel Castor. The governor of West-Flanders and the coast guard secretary were also present.

Special thanks to the ministry of Defence for the pictures. 

Demonstratie oliepollutiebestrijdingsmateriaal