The coast guard keeps an eye on the sea

Coast guard

Rescue exercise De Haan

Monday July 4th 2016, the governor of West-Flanders organized an exercise to test the procedure for saving drowning persons along the Belgian coast. The communication and participation between the different coast guard and other partners on land, at sea and in the air was tested.

The scenario of the exercise was as follows: six friends are on a rafting expedition at sea. One of them suddenly becomes ill, which causes another friend to dive into the sea and try to swim to the shore. With some difficulty he reaches the shore and is able to raise the alarm. The exercise knew an early end, because the raft was quickly located and rescued. It was not even necessary to deploy the rescue helicopter despite the fact that this was anticipated in the scenario.

Two exercises are still to come in August and September. 

Rescue exercise De Haan 4 juli 16